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Our client, a consultancy firm in Canberra, required the development of a SaaS platform to provide a tailored emergency plans services under a subscription model.

The platform would encompass an emergency solution outlining what action workers and others at the workplace should take in an emergency situation by providing a fully digital solution accessed by laptop mobile and tablet.

The SaaS platform needed to be easy to use in emergency situations with the following features:

  • Fully digital emergency response with its corresponding procedures 
  • Smart forms notifying emergency service organisations at the earliest opportunity
  • Tailored document management applicable to each of the organisations 
  • Effective digital forms to share with the emergency response team, employers and employees at the workplace
  • Audit tool assessing information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures

We developed a custom SaaS solution that was delivered through three main components:

  • Content Management system to manage specific organisation profile users and logins
  • Management dashboard to visualise and extract information 
  • Policy document storage and retrieval solution
  • Two factor authentication access with end point firewall and malware detection

Additionally, we guided the design and development team in understanding expectations and potential resolution for specific UX/UI components for their unique requirements. We also facilitated the client in rolling out features gradually with add-ons added as the service levels increased.

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