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Our client required an intranet portal to be designed for its employees that facilitated information sharing and provided an internal knowledge-based sharing platform.

We designed and developed a technically challenging solution that was implemented within a milestone-based delivery strategy.

Our team built a WordPress intranet platform with a completely customised user interface. The solution facilitated the sharing of processes and procedures and provided easy access to frequently used forms and templates.

The implemented /customised features included:


  • Personalised user experience: extensive use of feature stapling and custom web sections to offer a highly customised look and feel.
  • Enterprise Content Search: search REST API usage for building highly complex dynamic search queries for user-specified search criteria.
  • Social APIs to post newsfeeds on behalf of a user programmatically and to follow/unfollow site, user and content.
  • News, discussion board – Programmatically posting and obtaining data from out-of-the-box SharePoint using REST API.
  • Blog reply display with parent-child hierarchy.
  • Photo and video gallery – customisation of the look and feel and auto sliders.
  • Third-party components integration.

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