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Our client required the development of a custom content management solution that integrated with their accounting system and to be utilised as an enterprise-wide central collaborative platform for their B2B clients.

The CMS requirement was to be in the form of a single site that could be used by its employees and to also serve as a public-facing platform.

The client preference was to utilise WordPress to leverage the knowledge and experience of their IT department.

We developed a custom solution comprised of:

  • Enterprise class responsive content management system
  • Multi-shop platform with personalised dashboards
  • Multivendor eCommerce with specific products and accounts by the organisation
  • Registration and a level of access granted by each individual organisation to their own portal
  • Bespoke API developed to communicate legacy systems through POST Json file

We successfully conquered this project on time and provided a quality solution using our expertise and experience to achieve a successful project delivery and client satisfaction. In a record time, our client’s project managers and IT team in conjunction with our designers, backend developers and API specialists, managed and developed an end-to-end solution that connected suppliers and retailers in real time with a dashboard to understand behaviours and impact on the bottom line of each of the participating businesses.

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