“Brilliant People – Collaborative Culture Leadership” award recipient Professor Sarah Zhang (right) and Defense Chief Scientist Professor Tanya Monro.

The University of Western Sydney congratulates Professor Sarah Zhang on receiving the Brilliant People – Collaborative Culture Leadership Award from the Australian Government’s Department of Defense.more togetherOutstanding performance award.

Presented by Professor Tanya Monroe, Australia’s Chief Defense Scientist, the award recognizes outstanding individuals who actively contribute to shaping the science and technology environment and empower others to deliver world-class research to the Australian Defense Force. Recognize the leader.

Sarah Chan, professor of engineering, design and built environment at the university, is a highly accomplished researcher in the field of composites and structures with a focus on defense applications that address critical defense needs through innovative research. and recognized as a leader.

The award recognizes Professor Zhang’s exemplary achievement in leading a team of over 20 people from 6 universities and 6 industry partners to deliver groundbreaking research that has had a significant impact on the defense industry. .

Awarded at the 1st Australian Defense Science and Technology Research Summit, Professor Zhang is honored to be recognized for leading a large research team to develop and deliver groundbreaking and impactful research .

“Our team has developed a high-performance nanocomposite adhesive that will have a significant impact on Australian defense assets. We can make progress,” said Professor Zhang.

“We know the ability to quickly repair damaged aircraft is essential, and our nanocomposites are not only more adaptable than current options, they are also stronger.”

“This means our materials can make defense platforms more resilient, reduce costs, increase safety, and make battle-ready platforms more ready and responsive,” she said. said.

With $1.1 million in funding from the Department of Defense, the study led by Professor Zhang was named as a successful funding example by The Hon. Congressman Matt Thistlethwaite, Assistant Secretary of Defense, as part of his speech at the ADSTAR Summit Awards ceremony.

“I would like to thank the research team for their trust in my leadership and thank all researchers and industry partners for their excellent teamwork and support,” said Professor Zhang.

“In particular, I would like to thank my long-time research partners Dr John Wang of DST Group and Professor Richard Yang of Western for their tremendous support.”

The Department of Defense’s “More, together” Awards for Excellence 2022 was held at the International Convention Center in Sydney and was attended by over 600 delegates from research institutes, universities, government and defense industry stakeholders.

Sarah Chang ADSTAR Award2


September 7, 2022

Danielle Aiken, Media Officer

Photo courtesy: Defense Science and Technology Group


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