technology company Freudenberg Received initial approval from classification society Lina A fuel cell system that uses methanol as fuel.

In a statement posted on its website last week, the company said that this world’s first system had in principle been approved by RINA.

The company has received formal confirmation of type approval. SMM industry events at Hamburg last week.

“Fuel cells have significant advantages due to their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements,” the company said in a statement.

“Therefore, it makes sense to chemically combine regeneratively produced hydrogen to achieve significantly higher energy densities.

“This makes the fuel cell economically and practically suitable for open sea transportation.

“Fuel cell systems, of course, can be flexibly combined with marine battery systems from Freudenberg e-Power Systems to create particularly efficient hybrid solutions.”

Methanol as a bunker fuel has enjoyed great popularity over the past two years after the container line was installed AP Moller Maersk has decided to make its first carbon-neutral ship fueled by methanol. However, most interest so far has been in the use of methanol in internal combustion engines rather than in fuel cells.


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