Tech stocks fell as investors fled for exits amid stubbornly high inflation and Russia’s attempt to escalate the war in Ukraine.

Researchers at Google say there is growing evidence that pro-Russian hackers and online activists are working with Russia’s military intelligence services.

Western officials and security experts are concerned about possible ties to the Kremlin because of the recent mobilization push that prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to announce a push for mobilization this week. Because it helps explain Moscow’s intentions both inside and outside of Ukraine, despite military setbacks.

Over the past few months, Google’s Mandiant cybersecurity group has been observing an apparent breach between a pro-Russian hacking group (ostensibly made up of patriotic citizen hackers) and a cyber intrusion by Russia’s Military Intelligence Service (GRU). I have seen coordination.

Meanwhile, Compute North Holdings, owner of data centers housing bitcoin mining rigs and blockchain companies, has succumbed to a liquidity crisis caused by crashing cryptocurrency prices, rising electricity costs, and supply chain problems. After that, I filed for bankruptcy protection.

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