Swisslog’s innovative automated warehouse technology won the ‘Best Technology Application’ award at the 2022 MHD Material Handling Mercury Awards.

Technologies honored at the Melbourne Awards Ceremony include Automated Mobile Robots (AMR), KUKA Robots and the latest Swisslog SynQ Warehouse Management Software (WMS), which combine for optimum efficiency, flexibility and We have provided the order with efficiency, reliability and sustainability. realization.

Dan Ulmamei, Managing Director, Swisslog Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), said:

“Globally, the industry faces a range of new challenges, and through innovation, problem-solving and collaboration, we can overcome these challenges together,” he said.

The award-winning technology complements Swisslog’s comprehensive warehouse automation and intralogistics solutions, including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), transport and conveyors, picking and palletizing, and automation software.

The Mercury Prize-winning scalable and modular solution was a fully automated solution suitable for small, medium and large layer and stack picking operations. Innovative solutions that require minimal fixed infrastructure and can grow as your business grows Food & Beverage, Grocery looking for a cost-effective, hygienic and efficient warehouse automation solution , FMCG, and pharmaceutical companies.

Swisslog’s solutions also increase productivity and sustainability through negative picking. This allows you to convert source pallets to ordered pallets to minimize waste.

The entire system is driven by Swisslog’s intelligent SynQ software, which not only manages the system, but also collects valuable data and uses it to recommend further efficiencies.

“We would like to thank the dedicated ANZ team for their dedication to developing new solutions to meet our customer’s needs,” says Dan.


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