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While most people who use mixers and tapware (i.e. all of us) are happy with how it works and looks, it’s been a long-running source of confusion and frustration for those responsible for installing and maintaining them. was.

Traditional mixer bodies pose a variety of problems for plumbers. Due to the nature of component parts and installation methods, tapware selection must be locked in very early in the construction process, and multi-resolution installation processes are inefficient, time consuming, and require flexibility in design decisions. , and once tiling, tapware changes cannot be performed. accomplished. On top of that, even years after the project is completed, tapware changes are time-consuming and expensive.

Now, with the release of the latest mixer technology, everything has changed. Featuring innovations in terms of components, such products not only benefit plumbers, but also builders, architects and consumers.

This CPD Live will identify these new technologies, explain how they differ from traditional tapware, and show you how to best incorporate them into your architectural projects.


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