In an ongoing effort to improve customer experience, ABB invests in Stockholm-based start-up Mavenoid.

Our hardware support platform uses innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to resolve customer inquiries with a high success rate.

Even though $1.3 trillion is spent worldwide on 256 billion customer support calls each year, 50% of these calls are still unresolved.

Designed to reduce escalations to human service teams and improve user satisfaction, Mavenoid’s pioneering technology draws on data from sources such as manuals, product documentation, and online communities to create advanced Train advanced ML and AI engines to resolve repetitive support requests.

Mavenoid CEO Shahan Lilja said after winning ABB’s Electrification Start-Up Challenge in 2020, the company has continued to develop its technology to meet increasingly complex user needs. .

“Working with our smart home channel partners and customers, we have set a goal of resolving 30% of self-service resolutions by providing automated support via existing ABB apps. In fact, 60 in 12 months. % achieved: “Despite an overall increase in support cases, AI-based tools have significantly reduced the number of support cases to the ABB Help Center.”

Self-service and live support platforms already in use in select markets with smart home solutions such as ABB-free@home span automation, workflow, escalation, and product intelligence feedback.

According to Mike Mustapha, President of Smart Buildings at ABB Electrification, ABB’s investment will improve the comfort and efficiency of buildings for occupants, while enhancing the customer experience through the power of partnerships. underscores the company’s vision of optimizing

“This collaboration will not only provide customers and installers with more efficient ways to interact with physical products and systems in the areas of home automation, door communications and energy metering, but will also provide valuable user feedback. will also provide.”

“The data collected will help us innovate faster with better solutions as needs change and expand our collaboration with installers.”

Malin Carlstrom, Head of Ventures at ABB Electrification, said Mavenoid’s ability to guarantee technical product support based on a truly easy-to-use and powerful artificial intelligence engine provides a strong competitive edge.

“Mavenoids constitute the kind of investment that we are looking for,” he said.

“We know from our focus groups with leading organizations that interest in smart building technologies is growing rapidly, coupled with concerns about complexity and scale and cost of maintenance.

“In the coming months, our partnership will expand from residential end-users to installation networks covering commercial buildings and other areas of ABB’s business.”


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