(Newfield, N.J.) – RLS Logistics, a leading 3PL company and cold chain solutions provider, today announced that it was named Top Food Chain by Food Shippers of America for advancements within its Anello® customer platform and plans to improve its customers. Announced that it was selected as one of the Technology Companies. Experience with RLS.

“We are honored to receive our first technology award here at RLS. Anello® is a purpose-built, homegrown tool we launched in 2019 to make it easier for our customers to make data-driven decisions on their own.” “Since then, we have expanded our core performance charts and added an LTL evaluation tool that allows our customers to estimate their LTL shipments in seconds.”

The platform provides customers with real-time cold storage inventory management, just-in-time order management, productivity tracking, document search, and customized reporting. A robust technology platform enables RLS customers to customize dashboards to view his KPIs that drive better business decisions.

Pack explained that the team is currently working on an automated quarterly business review within Anello®. This will allow the customer to receive her RLS business review in her company meeting inbox.

said John Gaudet, vice president of business development at RLS Logistics. “We are also looking at how we can evolve our warehousing and transportation technology. We hope to have the Career Portal accessible to our network by the end of next year.”

Find a data-driven 3PL company dedicated to improving your business. Connect with a member of the RLS business development team today.

About RLS Logistics: Headquartered in Newfield, New Jersey, RLS Logistics is a family-owned, third-party logistics provider that specializes in value-added cold chain solutions including LTL and FTL shipping, cold storage, and drop-to-consumer fulfillment. Founded in 1968, the company has been owned and managed by the Leo family for over 50 years and has grown to become his 3PL leading company in integrated cold chain. For more information, please visit https://www.rlslogical.com/.


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