Capterra, a B2B software search website, has revealed its findings on the text-to-shop phenomenon and how Australians feel about this emerging trend in retail technology.

Text-to-shop is the latest feature in mobile commerce, where businesses sell products via text messaging services without the need for a checkout process. Text-to-Shop makes shopping more convenient because customers don’t have to log into their accounts, re-enter information, or use external links.

“Over half (56%) of the 998 survey respondents said they were interested in Text-to-Shop (19% were ‘very interested’, 37% were ‘somewhat interested’) . It shows the potential of this e-commerce. Research has shown that it is a market. “However, generational factors can influence who is ready to jump on the text-to-shop bandwagon, as Capterra found that age plays a role in survey responses.18 Sixty-seven percent of respondents aged between 25 and 25 expressed interest, compared to just 32% of those aged between 56 and 65.”

When asked about the benefits of using text-to-shop, commonly selected answers included “ease of ordering” (58%) and “quick delivery of purchases” (57%). I was. “However, increased convenience can come at the expense of security and privacy. , “Overbilling” (40%) and “Hacking data” (34%),” said the study.

Text-to-shop allows retailers to collect consumer purchase history data, which helps tailor customer journeys and build member loyalty. “A total of 55% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with being recommended a new product or brand based on their personal data and purchase history (12% said “Very comfortable”, 43% said “ somewhat comfortable”). of respondents still question this highly personalized approach to shopping. ”

Laura Burgess, Content Analyst at Capterra, said: “More than half of the consumers Capterra surveyed expressed interest in using text messaging services, which means it’s an SMS marketing opportunity that businesses really shouldn’t miss.”


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