Veteran oilman Gary Johnson spent time in the Permian Basin oil fields. Now he’s back, with high-tech equipment to handle what’s known as “substandard oil.”

“I used to use a centrifuge,” says Johnson, president and owner of Tulsa-based Red Stag Energy.

Now, he told reporter Telegram by phone that he is about to debut the Gen. 5 L-POD system. This is a fully self-contained mobile unit that he mounted on a 53-foot trailer system to remove basic sediment and water and wash crude oil to the pipeline. specification. Because it’s automated, he said, all you have to do is program the computer to meet your specific pipeline specifications and run the unit.

He has five units and is in the process of sending them to Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and is building a smaller unit to Houston in the next 60 days. He hopes operators in the Permian Basin will take an interest in his technology.

“There is a lot of substandard oil in the Permian Basin,” he said.

The unit features a patented horizontal oil heat treatment device capable of producing oil quality with less than 0.05% basic sediment and water, a patented plate and frame ultra-efficient electrostatic heat exchanger, and It has dual LACT units that determine the quality of the inlet and outlet crude oil.

Johnson said the unit could clean 10,400 barrels a day, depending on the gravity of the oil.

“What we’re looking for is 3,000 to 4,000 barrels per day. That makes the unit viable,” he said.

Bringing crude to pipeline specifications will not only increase the supply of oil, he said, but will also create more revenue streams.

Units can be purchased or leased by Red Stag customers and Red Stag staff will come onsite to operate the units on a per-barrel rate.

“Some people don’t want to rent or lease something for a capital investment,” he said. “Some people prefer leasing. Whatever fits their business model.”


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