Powertec’s wireless technology business has expanded into the Australian manufacturing and surveillance sector.

The company said the move is due to increased demand for wireless technology solutions. This will further expand the Powertec Solutions team and reach new customers.

As part of the development, Powertec has locally designed and manufactured various forms of turnkey wireless systems including deployable skids, temporary towers, shipping container towers, tripods and trailers.

These deployable systems are manufactured in Australia and exported internationally and serve as modular and reconfigurable infrastructure platforms.

Powertec CTO Doug Pukallus said that as the need for communication solutions grows, Powertec offers a wide range of options and services to suit different networks and power systems.

“Our systemization of our communications platform allows our customers to convert from temporary installations to permanent installations, from trailer mounts to ground mounts, and reconfigure as network upgrades and power system requirements grow. is important in helping us build flexible technology solutions that are capable of

“Our approach will not only extend the life of these assets, but also help protect the natural environment by providing reuse and recycling avenues for traditional single-use asset classes.”

A key solution in Powertec’s portfolio is the Repeater Trailer. It consists of a mining-grade trailer platform with full solar power and electronic subsystems.

The unit comes standard with an ACMA-approved repeater that boosts 4G coverage to full strength within a few hundred meters.

According to Powertec, depending on the geography and area where coverage is required, the trailer can broadcast 4G LTE voice and mobile data services from 300 meters in wide areas to 1 kilometer in narrow directions. You can also daisy chain multiple systems to further extend your mobile signal.

Repeater Trailers serves as a fully managed platform and is monitored by the company’s National Operations Center (NOC). It’s also GPS tracked and remotely managed, so the Powertec team can receive live alerts and perform remote fault diagnosis.

Powertec also plans to deploy repeater trailers and towers leveraging the National Coverage Model (NCM), a proprietary GIS mapping technology that predicts 4G and 5G network performance and pinpoints accuracy anywhere in the country. says there is.

In areas where 4G connectivity does not exist, the company offers high-performance connectivity solutions using its suite of private 5G, mesh wireless and location-based network technologies.


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