With over 90 years of experience supplying military and defense companies around the world, Pincroft, a UK-based contract fabric dyer, printer and finisher, enables the application of many finishes on permethrin-containing fabrics. Announced adoption of revolutionary precision spray technology. For vector protection.

This system is a more versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of application of padding, offering the possibility of applying chemicals to the surface or both sides over the full width of the fabric.

The benefits of this new equipment used in the process are immense, not only for the end user, but also for the environment. The system saves up to 50% on energy, water and wet pick-up, and 100% of chemicals are recycled. Less water and chemicals are required, thanks to the equipment’s precision dispensing technology. Also, the non-immersion system means less saturated fabrics and faster drying times.

In terms of end-user benefits, the new precision spray technology employed by Pincroft uses permethrin for skin-contact vector protection, commonly found in soldiers requiring protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects. Resolve usage-related issues. fight.

Mike Collins, Managing Director of Pincroft, commented: Single-sided spray finishes can be used where the full effect of the finish is desired only on the surface of the final item, such as vector, fluorocarbon, antimicrobial protection. A dual spray finish can be used to simulate traditional padding methods where the full effectiveness of the finish is required depending on the end use, such as crease recovery, fabric softening, stain removal and moisture management. ”

The vector protection solution offered by Pincroft is Actigard, a branded technology developed by Sanitized AG, featuring long-lasting active ingredients proven to be highly effective against mosquitoes and ticks. increase. This product can withstand multiple washes, is suitable for military uniforms, and meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100.



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