Google Cloud panel speaker at Digital Health Summit22 in St. Thomas in July (photo submitted)

The Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) and Google and Google Cloud executive teams will host a two-day workshop for leaders in the health information technology and human services sectors at Government Buildings in St. Croix on September 12-13. It will be held. Share best practices, resources, and solutions for workforce development, integration, and interoperability to ultimately improve outcomes in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This workshop is a follow-up to discussions held at OHIT’s Digital Health Summit in July, designed to foster innovative and transformative health information technology resources and solutions.

“Building on the energy and success of the Summit, the Office of Health and Information Technology will seek new initiatives, programs and partnerships to put in place practices, programs and partnerships that can significantly improve the quality of health care options and resources available to the people of the Virgin Islands. We are happy to take this next step,” said Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.

Many summit attendees were eager to learn more about Google’s approach and resources, and according to OHIT Director Michelle Francis, Google has committed to investing resources in the USVI health ecosystem.

The Office of Health IT’s mission is to design and implement integrated health systems that use health information technology to improve the health and wellness of local populations.

A Google Cloud team representative thanked the USVI Office of Health Information Technology for the opportunity to discuss Google’s investments in the healthcare industry. Through this workshop, he will discuss how to expand Google’s partnership within the USVI in workforce development and how to foster integration and interoperability across health systems to measurably improve health outcomes for the population. To do.

The Office of Health Information Technology will also continue to work with the Department of Human Services Medicaid Office to create and launch the USVI Health Information Exchange. This will enable tracking of patient health records within the region and across providers in the continental United States. This exchange of information also transforms the coordination of care, allowing providers to better communicate and review records in one safe place about a patient’s total care.

OHIT Executive Director Michelle Francis interviews Fred Forrer of Public Consulting Group for a special edition of the Government House program “The Press Box”. (Submitted photo)

OHIT will also host a number of smaller educational events between this event and next year’s Digital Health Summit. It is intended to provide health care providers, health professionals, and the general public with information, access to resources, and subject matter experts to navigate the evolving situation. Make your IT landscape healthier and make better-informed decisions.

For more information, downloadable materials and to watch the Digital Health Summit22 session, please visit the Office of Health Information Technology website www.ohitusvi.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/ohitusvi.

The Brian Roach administration is investing in the people, infrastructure and future of the Territory through transparency to stabilize the economy, restore confidence in government and ensure recovery projects are completed as quickly as possible. Visit https://transparency.vi.gov

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