Reflex has been around for several years and helps diagnose and reduce input lag in games.

Input lag, rollback netcode, and crossplay are three of the most talked about terms in the fighting game community these days. As for input lag, Nvidia has a very good solution that has been proven to reduce response times in games like Destiny 2, Fortnite and Valorant, and this tech will be implemented in all future fighting games. need to do it.

The fighting game genre is one that requires extremely fast reaction times and rapid rendering of inputs for the game to feel right. Nvidia Reflex is a suite of tools dedicated to doing just that, and has been implemented in numerous modern games, delivering on its promise of speeding up response times. As such, this is the marriage the fighting game community needs to achieve for all future titles.

Developers who have implemented Reflex in their games have cut input lag in half in some cases. 360hz monitors and 3000-series Nvidia GPUs aren’t standard in the fighting game community, but the technology works even on older hardware.

In the example shown, Reflex running on a GeForce 1660 Super was able to reduce the input lag by an entire frame or more. Running a 3000 series card and a 360hz display further reduces the input lag.

The community rejoiced when Street Fighter 5’s latency dropped from nearly 8 frames to about 3 frames on PC.

Input lag is a very notorious problem, especially on the PlayStation platform, and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games says it’s working with developers to find and mitigate these issues.

Pushing fighting game performance to the highest level, making it fast and responsive is something the fighting game community has been lagging behind for years.

Proven to reduce input lag in competitive games, these options should become standard in all future fighting games.

For more information on Nvidia’s Reflex technology, visit the official site. Watch the video below for an overview.


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