There are millions of active mines and munitions scattered across dozens of countries. Baur and his colleagues want to make the drone detection system available to demining organizations around the world to help in their efforts to keep post-conflict countries safe.

Will this technology work in Ukraine?

On Thursday, the US announced it would pay $89 million to help clear landmines in Ukraine.

About 13 percent of Ukraine’s territory, or 160,000 square kilometers, may be “contaminated” by mines and other unexploded ordnance, according to Ukrainian government officials, covering the combined area of ​​Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut. is almost the same as

“Neural networks detect mines only from the data you give them. So you give them a lot of different data and labeled data. ‘ said Steinberg.

“Machine learning always works best with real-world data. We have algorithms that can detect PFM-1 (Butterfly Mine) plastic mines that are actually used and deployed in Ukraine right now,” he said. he added.

There is evidence that Russia is still deploying the same mines in Ukraine.


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