South Africa-based mineral processing equipment specialist Multotec has a strong presence at this year’s Electra Mining Africa (EMA) exhibition, with in-house experts on hand to offer a comprehensive range of the company’s mineral processing equipment. Introduce visitors to the lineup.

Multotec has been present at every EMA exhibition since the 1970’s.

“Given that Electra Mining 2020 has been canceled due to Covid, we see this year’s show as a great opportunity to reconnect with our customer base,” said Multotec South Africa Operations CEO. Riks IminkHe adds that the overall theme of Multotec’s attendance will be how the company’s equipment and systems can help customers achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

“We also underscore our strong commitment to South Africa. We are now a global group, but we started in South Africa, where South Africa still accounts for about half of our revenue.”

Almost all Multotec products, to a greater or lesser extent, reduce consumption of resources such as water and energy, enabling more efficient operations. A prime example is provided by the Pulp Chute, a highly innovative concept for fines washing that was first installed at Ekapa Minerals’ Combined Processing Plant (CTP) in Kimberley in late 2019. More recently, it has been successfully tested in a diamond mine in Botswana. .

“The pulping chute performs a scrubbing action faster and more efficiently than a traditional rotary scrubber,” says Immink. He says that being able to use reclaimed water is a big advantage and also reduces energy costs.

Additionally, capital expenditures are lower. Multotec is very proud of this innovation and it works really well with the Electra mining stand.

Other Multotec products highlighted at the show that can help save energy and water include the company’s Classified Cyclone. Ultrafine particle spirals provide a non-chemical process for fine particle recovery and facilitate water recovery. Centrifuges and filter presses that provide effective solid-liquid separation and dewatering solutions. Its benefits include recovery of non-chemical water.

Immink also says the Mato Belt Cleaner, which also comes with the Multotec stand, prevents spills and reduces the need for cleaning.

“It’s not a high-profile product, but it can play an absolutely vital role in reducing waste and maintaining a clean environment,” he said.

The energy savings made possible by Multotec’s products and systems will, of course, help reduce the carbon footprint of the mine site.

“At Multotec, we take reducing our carbon footprint very seriously and we strive to achieve this both in our own operations and in our customers’ businesses through our equipment,” says Immink.

He said Multotec’s equipment could play a key role in this regard, including coal spirals that produce cleaner coal with less energy consumption, DMS cyclones that deliver cleaner coal, and optimized mill efficiency. It adds that it is a mill lining solution. Reduced power demand.

Multotec products on display at Electra Mining Africa 2022 are manufactured primarily at Multotec’s extensive facilities in Spartan, Johannesburg, South Africa and have an accredited Local Content Certification from the South African Bureau of Standards.

With global supply chains currently facing severe constraints, local manufacturing is a significant competitive advantage for Multotec.

In addition, the company has branches in or near mining areas in South Africa, providing rapid delivery of parts and products, manufacturing and refurbishment services.

In addition, the most recent development in services is the formation of Multotec Services, which is 51% black-owned.

“This initiative reflects our commitment to partnering with local communities and helping our customers achieve their Mining Charter goals,” explains Immink.

“Essentially, we appoint people from the local community to perform field services, such as tile installation and chute ceramic ware tiling. We identify companies and train them to meet Multotec standards.”

Immink emphasizes that customers need strong backup from Multotec and training in product operation and management to get the most out of Multotec equipment.

“We are very strong in both of these areas. In South Africa, we have about 135 engineers on site at any given time to engage with customers, provide solutions and help optimize operations,” he says. said.

“This onsite support is complemented by an intensive training program that draws on nearly 50 years of experience in minerals processing across six continents. , it is not uncommon to see around 400 attendees at a webinar.”

Further commenting on the current business situation, Imink said that as mines ramp up operations to meet the global economy’s current demand for all types of minerals and metals, Multotec is nearing unprecedented growth for its equipment. said they are experiencing a lack of demand.

“The level of activity suggests that Electra Mining Africa will be very successful and we expect to be very busy with the show,” he concludes.


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