How can B2B marketers nurture better long-term customer relationships? Check out this weekly martech highlight to find out what the experts are doing.

There are some best practices that every marketing leader should follow, and they can be divided into two parts. The first, and for the most part, is human resources. This means coaching, team building, hiring and communication. Developing an experienced and inspired team is the greatest driver of success, efficiency and collaboration. Another is the leader’s ability to plan, budget, and collaborate effectively. These practices may seem obvious, but they are crucial to achieving your goals and producing strong results.

– Jake Athey, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Widen

Marketers are armed with a special balance of art and science. We are creative and innovative. We are data and evidence based. We are good at listening, seeing patterns, and we are intuitive. Market dynamics and trends are the basic building blocks of every marketing plan, and every business plan for that matter. This reminds us of the importance of marketing leaders first thinking, acting and leading like business leaders. We also bring with us broad and deep marketing capabilities and insights to capitalize on changing markets and trends. Zarina Stanford, CMO of Bazaarvoice

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