Niamh Kiely is an alumnus working at KPMG. Here, she talks about the wide range of projects she works on and the skills she’s learned along the way.

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Niamh Kiely, who studied Business Information Systems at University College Cork, is currently working as a Technical Analyst in KPMG’s Management Consulting division.

She was drawn to the company’s graduate program after completing a six-month job search there.

She told SiliconRepublic.com that she enjoys solving problems and working with people. Both can be done through consulting and learn more about the industry.

“I was definitely drawn to the social aspect of KPMG. I wanted the transition from college to work to be seamless, and that was the result. I was able to make friends, there is a wide variety of clubs and associations on offer.”

As the program progressed, Kiely transitioned from short-term to long-term projects and became familiar with the various areas of specialization that were of most interest to her.

“After participating in this program, I feel more confident in my career.”
– Niamh Keely

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

In the current project I’m working on, I’m PMO support for the project, so I’m learning a lot every day because I’m exposed to all the workstreams of the project. Not every day looks the same and it depends on the project/workstream you are working on at the time.

I start my day by checking my schedule to make sure I know what client and company meetings are scheduled for the day. Participate in daily standups with your team to discuss goals and tasks for the day, coordinate, and think in terms of an overall plan.

Create a to-do list to stay organized and stay focused. Throughout the day, I attend client meetings, engage with teams, and take minutes. Answer emails, questions, and work on milestones/deliverables that are part of the plan.

Deliverables typically include data exploration or analysis and presenting the results to the client in PowerPoint/Excel. Update the overall program plan and follow up on any outstanding actions with the client. We also plan and run events and workshops with our clients.

Throughout the year, we allocate time for training and development, so training days are different from project days. This training covers topics such as core consulting presentation skills, technology trends, project management and process excellence.

We work with performance managers to help you achieve certification and success throughout the year.

With downtime between projects and a free day, you can work on exciting internal projects using the Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code set for building apps, workflows, AI bots, data and analytics.

Did your responsibilities and workload change as the program progressed?

Within KPMG, there was a perception that I would work in a linear structure and just report back to my manager. But it’s not. Within KPMG, you can work alongside colleagues in a variety of positions (managers, associate directors, directors, etc.).

Many of our projects are not purely technology-focused, but involve different disciplines such as people and change, risk and applied intelligence.

From this point, as the program progressed, I had to work with colleagues from different departments at different levels and develop strong relationships with these people. I love meeting new people and being exposed to new areas that may not be my main focus, so this is definitely a plus for me.

How do you think this program has prepared you for work?

After participating in this program, I have more confidence towards my career. I have strong technical and management skills. KPMG gave me time to complete his PRINCE2 foundation course where I learned a lot about project management.

A few months into my graduate program, I developed my talent management skills by managing new assignments/interns for projects.

He has participated in client workshops and sessions led by senior members and presented to a wide range of KPMG technology groups.

A lesson I’ve learned is to always ask questions and don’t be afraid to reach out to team members if you don’t understand what was discussed in a task or meeting.

On the contrary, always be there for your team members and help them when they need help. Because you never know when you’ll need to return the favor. Teamwork is an important part of consulting and working together creates a happier and more successful environment.

Would you recommend this KPMG graduate program to others?

If you are interested in technology and want to solve problems while working with clients, this is the graduate program for you. If you’re curious and interested in learning new skills, KMG offers a wide range of opportunities and paves the way for you to engage with clients in a variety of fields.

A graduate program allows you to figure out what areas you’re particularly interested in, and you can request to participate in these areas in the future. This allows you to define and follow your desired career path or career path of interest.

Teamwork and innovation are at the heart of KPMG’s consulting practice. If you’re someone who enjoys socializing, KPMG has a great social side and hosts many social events throughout the year, including bingo loco, festivals, game nights and hikes.

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