Some lawmakers are proposing adding gun detection technology to schools in Michigan to reduce the chances of gunshots being fired.

The plan includes spending $268 million to retrofit the building with ZeroEyes technology, which combines video cameras and artificial intelligence gun detection. The system was added to Oxford schools after last year’s Oxford high school shooting.

If this happens, the company has promised to open a call center in Michigan. He also plans to hire 100 military and law enforcement retirees to handle gun surveillance duties.

The president of the Michigan Board of Education supports the initiative, but there are caveats.

“We appreciate the legislature’s use of the money, but we don’t want anyone to think that this money has solved the school safety problems we’ve seen across the country,” said Don Wotruba. Told.

He also wants the school to have the final say.

“If you want it, get it. Hopefully that money can be used to do other things in the safety of the school for those who can’t for some reason,” Wartleba said. I got

Lawmakers could vote on the plan in the fall.


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