Battle Creek, Michigan. — Lesley Salmon, Global Chief Information Officer at Kellogg Co.

Salmon recently published an article offering advice on doing business in a digital world, suggesting companies focus on some key areas of improvement in their end-to-end approach.

She said the focus should be on attracting and retaining talented people who can deliver digital solutions first and foremost.

“For me, it’s all about people. Providing the right people through great partnerships with key stakeholders across the business to understand and anticipate their needs,” she said. . “Attracting and retaining the right people requires meeting their desire to experiment, fail fast, and learn.”

She also pointed to the importance of integrating customer-centric technology, citing Kellogg’s use of NaviLens technology in 2020 as an example.

After learning that millions of people in the UK were losing their eyesight making it difficult to read packaging information, Kellogg began piloting NaviLens into packaging to help consumers improve the accessibility of their smartphones. I made the information accessible using the tool.

Salmon also placed a great deal of emphasis on data-driven decision-making. According to her, Kellogg will combine data and analytics with her marketing resources to create a rich omnichannel her experience that precisely aligns product offerings, pricing and messaging with consumer needs. is ready.

“Data was always available, but not as abundant as it is today,” she said. “Freeing data from silos is essential to meeting consumer needs and preparing for future consumer experiences.”


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