Progressive education providers have created personalized online professional learning programs to give students another perspective on learning with STEM.

the idea of she draws a mapa national drone and geospatial education provider, online together It integrates the fields of technology, engineering, mathematics and science to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

As a Certified Instructor and Education Leader – Program she draws a mapKatie Vidal, wants to help teachers across the country introduce drone programs into their students’ daily learning.

“We do professional development for teachers both online and face-to-face, and we teach face-to-face drone programs for students,” Vidal said.

“Over the past two years, due to the impact of Covid on schools, she draws a map strives to provide all the support teachers need to start their own drone classes, whether they are running a drone club or a drone-powered STEM elective. I’m here.

“There are many different career paths that students can explore using drones.

“Whether you are a drone pilot, developing your skills as a swarm artist, or becoming a remote sensing scientist creating maps from digital imagery.”

Vidal, who also works as a primary school relief teacher in Canberra, believes drone technology has the potential to significantly improve the way students learn.

“I have always believed in hands-on lessons. When students are working with materials, tools, and even texts, there is an opportunity for learning,” says Vidal.

“Flying a drone in a classroom is about manipulating tools to develop new skills and solve problems.”

Vidal’s passion for drone technology led him to become a longtime friend in 2018, she draws a mapDr. Karen Joyce.

“Karen was my inspiration to participate she draws a mapShe worked with her husband as a geospatial engineer in the Australian Army,” said Vidal.

“We caught up with dinner. she draws a map Certified Instructor. ”

Mr. Vidal was immediately intrigued she draws a map – A social enterprise committed to providing girls with opportunities to excel in STEM and challenging the unconscious biases surrounding STEM.

“I remember what Karen talked about so passionately. she draws a map We were trying to achieve it,” Vidal said.

Having witnessed first-hand the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, Vidal decided to become part of the cause of giving girls the support they need to succeed.

“I wanted to be a part of something that would change STEM education and careers,” said Vidal.

“There are very few women working in STEM fields because they are not flexible enough to have a career while taking care of a family.”

“Young girls need an advocate to help them try out STEM. They need strong examples of women who enjoy working in different aspects of STEM.

“But it’s not just a job for young girls! It’s about changing the STEM workforce in such a way that everyone feels like they belong. It becomes part of your working environment, it becomes part of your framework.

Stay true to that spirit she draws a map I supported Mr. Vidal himself to achieve in the world of drone technology and STEM.

“My own confidence was the first challenge.

“It took the skills and education I had as a teacher and pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

“When I became a certified instructor, she draws a mapIt was a job that I thought was suitable for me as a full-time housewife.

“I was casual and flexible, but I was also able to challenge myself. she draws a map Certified Instructor and Education Leader. ”

But this is just the beginning for Vidal, who aims to spread drone technology across Australian education.

“I am currently working with many schools from Victoria to Western Australia, Queensland to Tasmania that have their own drone programs,” said Vidal.

“Since April, I have traveled north to the Sunshine Coast, here in Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, and to rural areas including Wagga Wagga and Dubbo.

“Each school uses drones in different ways and we want them to have complete confidence in their drones, the resources they are using, and the confidence they will have in making their programs successful.

“I hope to continue doing this work for many years to come.”

Vidal’s dedicated work she draws a mapand her recent nomination as a finalist recognized her education 2022 Prime Minister’s National Veteran Employment Awards in the category of Partner Employee of the Year – Recognition program aimed at honoring outstanding veteran employees.

“I was recommended by a friend who is very supportive of hiring a defense spouse. I had an interview and received notification last week that I was a finalist,” Vidal said.

“This is the first year that Defense Partners has its own category, so I am very proud to not only be nominated by my peers, but to be selected as a finalist.”

The defense’s wife, mother of three children, elementary school teacher, and current she draws a map Education Leads are changing learning for the better.

“My goals relate to the teachers and students I support. I’m always looking for ways to improve the support I provide,” says Vidal.

“I wanted to be a part of influencing students and teachers to see STEM opportunities for people from different backgrounds.”

For more information, she draws a mapPlease come: www.shemaps.com.au.


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