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Chandigarh, 25th September

Haryana uses live map technology to identify accident-prone areas in the state. Using this technology, a grid of such locations on a live map is automatically generated, and police get information about such locations immediately.

Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal provided information and shared data from live map technology with all stakeholder departments such as police, public works, health, transport and municipalities in cities to give special focus to such incidents. He said he had instructed the authorities to be able to apply -Tendency area.

While presiding over a Traffic Safety Fund Management Board meeting here today, Koshal said frequent lane changes by heavy vehicles are one of the leading causes of accidents on highways. Therefore, signs must be placed on the left side of the road and the rules must be strictly observed. He further said that proper lighting arrangements, signage and beautification work should be done on all highways. It is also necessary to install reflective tape and signboards to reduce accidents at nighttime blind spots and railroad crossings. At the meeting, he approved a budget of Rs 3.6 crore for road safety activities this year.


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