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Harness the power of water to prepare the perfect meal with the help of these clever gadgets

If you’ve ever been intrigued by sous vide, a cooking method that uses a water bath to cook food in a sealed container, now’s the right time to dive in and learn, thanks to smart technology. There is no time.

Like many other kitchen activities, smart technology has simplified and dummy-proofed sous vide, a technique popular among top chefs for its accuracy. From automatic temperature adjustments to real-time notifications, connected devices let you cook professionally with water in no time.

Here are our picks for smart vacuum technology:

Anova Precision Cooker Pro

Powerful, precise, professionally cooked meals in any pan. That’s the promise of the Anova Precision Cooker Pro. Easily inserted into any pot at home, this extremely durable water heating wand is strong enough to tackle the toughest meats and precise enough to prepare all kinds of vegetables and grains. Allows for restaurant-quality cooking with only water and a container. Best of all, Anova is Wi-Fi enabled and thanks to the included Anova app, you can monitor and command your sous vide from across your room or estate so you can focus on other things. , like creating a restaurant-quality tablescape.

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is available for $399.

Svy 3.0

If you’re into cooking, consider the Suvie 3.0. Offering a completely set-and-forget approach, the Suvie 3.0 is a countertop cooker that takes up less space than a microwave and features its ‘Cool to Cook’ technology. The technology keeps food chilled inside the SUV until it calculates the right time to start cooking based on when you tell the SUV you want to eat it. It then fully prepares meals while you live and alerts you via the app. i am ready. And sous vide is just one of Suvie’s many skills. Kitchen wonders can also prepare food by roasting, baking, broiling, slow cooking, and more. Mail-order chef-prepared meals that can be automatically cooked to perfection on your own.

The Suvie 3.0 is available for $799.


Can a sous vide be a work of art? Mellow makes a pretty compelling case. This countertop cookware looks like a futuristic fish tank. A clean, simple base supports a vertically positioned water tank, where food is placed and Mellow does the rest. No, it actually does the rest. Drop your dinner into the Mellow in the morning before you walk out the door, and the device’s built-in refrigeration unit will store the food perfectly until it’s time to prepare it based on the scheduled time.Your dinner via the Mellow app . When you get home in the evening, your favorite dish will be waiting for you. Or for a meal for the whole family. Mellow is large enough to cook up to 6 portions (or 40 eggs!) without sacrificing the precision of sous vide. Not only can you take full control of your Wi-Fi-enabled Mellow from the included app, but the rice cooker will learn how you cooked (soft poached eggs? medium-rare meat?) and apply those lessons in the future. automatically applied to the cooking of

Mellow is available for $399.


For home chefs who want to add sous vide to their repertoire but don’t expect to make it the center of their culinary world, the Jules is a perfect fit. The smallest sous vide device on the market, his Joule easily attaches to any pot in your home and easily stores in a kitchen drawer. Even better, it comes with a magnetic foot that locks to the bottom of the cooking vessel without the need for a clip. With just a few taps in the app, you can enter exactly how you want your meal prepared.

The Joule is available for $249.

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