GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — As NASA regroups after failing to launch another powerful crescent rocket last weekend, the Western Michigan company says it’s rooting for its success whenever it finally happens. says.

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Danche Gjorgjiebski, senior engineering manager at DornerWorks, said:

DornerWorks, a technology engineering company based in Grand Rapids, is developing technology that will power the Artemis II mission in 2024.

According to the company, some of the capsule’s devices will feature the first radiation-tolerant Ethernet switches in space.

Comments allow astronauts to communicate with their team, scroll through social media, and message family members.

“Traditional Ethernet switches out there are the size of a big pizza box. Our talented engineers were able to put that functionality into a chip the size of a thumb.” Director. “The ability to have gigabyte Ethernet, high-speed networks with the reliability we need in space, is a performance boost.”

Before development, astronauts used slower technology to connect their devices, says Wilde.

“As you can imagine, in a spacecraft where size, weight and power are at a premium, specialized chips can help by miniaturizing, reducing power and doing data processing (Ethernet networking in this case) onboard the space capsule.” said Wildes.

DornerWorks began working with NASA on this project in 2019.

Some of the challenges included meeting strict size and content requirements, but the company believes that a successful implementation could apply well to other industries.

“We know that working on what we know can have a huge impact. It’s very fulfilling and one of the things we want to work hard on and deliver on time and with great quality. “On the other hand, as I said before, it’s also a big responsibility, so make sure you’ve tested correctly and that any problems are resolved on time.” There is nothing that we have left unattended regarding


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