MMI Vaccine Manufacturing Technology Fund

Vaxxas will receive a second round grant of $8.2 million to support manufacturing scale-up at its Australian manufacturing facility as part of the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).

The funding will support the specialized infrastructure needed to manufacture High Density Microarray Patch (HD-MAP) devices at a state-of-the-art biomedical facility currently under construction on Brisbane’s North Shore.

First developed at the University of Queensland, Vaxxas’ breakthrough technology allows vaccines to be applied to the skin using small patches, potentially reducing the need for cold chain storage and distribution. It’s hidden.

The second grant follows the $4.4 million Vaxxas received in its first round of MMI funding in 2021.

Additional support will allow the team to develop and establish an aseptic production line at the facility with a proprietary aseptic filling and finishing process to further advance the company’s vaccine coating, device sealing and quality control technology.

The Brisbane production facility will support late-stage clinical trials and early commercial production.

Vaxxas CEO David Hoey said:

“It’s great that the government is supporting innovation by local businesses that have the potential to make a difference to life in Australia and around the world.”

Vaxxas HD-MAP is applied to the skin as a patch using an ultra-dense array of microprotrusions invisible to the human eye to rapidly deliver vaccines to abundant immune cells just below the skin surface. .

Vaccination technology has the potential to radically improve pandemic and routine vaccination through production efficiency, breadth and speed of access, and population coverage.

With support from the Queensland Government, the Vaxxas Biomedical Facility is under construction on Brisbane’s North Shore and is expected to open in early 2023.

In addition to moving over 100 existing employees to the site, the new facility will create 29 new highly skilled jobs and support the continued growth of South East Queensland’s biotech and medical technology sectors. and support development.

Launched in October 2020, the Commonwealth Government’s MMI will make a lasting difference to Australia’s manufacturing sector by co-financing large-scale manufacturing projects with a particular focus on helping businesses scale. We aim to bring

There are six areas of focus. resource technology and important mineral processing. Food and Beverage; Medical Products; Recycling and Clean Energy. defense; and space.


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