New technological advancements are continually being made as pro AV blends into the new B2B industry. Especially when it comes to price accessibility and form factors.Looking back on this, StrongArm CEO Sean Petterson told host Ben Thomas about the progress and importance of wearables in industrial athletes and his B2B industry. rice field.

As an industry leader, Peterson aims to help industrial athletes stay in industry for the long term. Peterson said, “…these injuries occur at a rate of 38,000 per hour he does around the world…that’s $3 trillion a year worldwide that I don’t think I can avoid.” It means that the money is being spent on something that can be paid for,” he said.

StrongArm grew out of an exploratory process to challenge this problem and show people that improvement is possible, but Peterson says that best practices have been around for decades and that current conditions are always relevant. It reflects that it is not taken into consideration. “…a lot of it was process checks. I couldn’t get it.

Making safety solutions more accessible through cost, ease of use, and data transformation can improve industry safety. Mr Petterson said:


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