Equinix and NUS Energy Research and Technology Center Partner to Advance Hydrogen Technology for Data Centers

The collaboration will explore and develop hydrogen fuel technology for green data centers in tropical climates, with the long-term goal of adapting it for use in Equinix’s global network.

Continuing its work to advance the sustainability of its digital infrastructure and achieve climate-neutral targets in line with science-based targets by 2030, Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) has established a Center for Energy Research & Technology (CERT) announced a partnership. The Department of Design Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) investigates technologies that enable the use of hydrogen as a green fuel source for mission-critical data center infrastructure.

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Equinix and CERT jointly launch a world-first research project comparing the efficiency of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and fuel-flexible linear generator technology.

PEM fuel cells are a strong candidate for hydrogen energy, and fuel-flexible linear generators allow operators to easily switch between different clean fuel options, including hydrogen, biogas, and various renewable liquid fuels. . By adopting these technologies, data centers have the potential to reduce their carbon footprint while meeting the growing demand for data, colocation and interconnection services.

Equinix and CERT joint research will explore the suitability of these technologies for tropical data centers, taking into account local climatic conditions, site constraints, power demand, supply chain, fuel storage capacity, and local regulatory policies. It includes an overall assessment of what

This research initiative builds on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the two partners earlier this year. Under the MOU, CERT will work with Equinix to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the identified technology to determine the operational viability of the technology at scale.

Based on the findings of the study, Equinix expects to develop a proof-of-concept project within its global network of data centers for real-world testing to support incorporation into future data center designs. The partnership between Equinix and CERT aims to accelerate disruptive technologies that can reduce the carbon footprint of global data centers, especially in the tropics, by driving innovation in Singapore.

The partnership is part of Equinix’s Future First strategy underscoring Equinix’s commitment to greening the digital economy. Green hydrogen is recognized as a sustainable energy source for data centers.

However, industrial-scale hydrogen production is still years away from becoming commercially viable, so it is imperative that alternatives are evaluated and adopted even as global research and development continues.


Yee May Leung Equinix’s Managing Director of South Asia said:

Data centers act as conduits to power the digital economy, and greening their operations can foster the rise of sustainable businesses across the broader economic environment.

“By working with like-minded partners like the Energy Research and Technology Center of NUS, we will be able to combine our experience and expertise to drive the growth of the digital economy in line with our environmental mandates, and contribute to the growth of the data center industry and the world. It can benefit the economy, the planet.”

Associate Professor Lee Po Seng said Director of the Center for Energy Research and Technology at NUS College of Design and Engineering.

Sustainability is a key pillar of the global economy.

“To complement efforts by the public sector, timely progress also requires collaboration with stakeholders in the private sector and academia. We look forward to working with industry partners like Equinix who provide access to a global network of data centers that can serve as a testbed for more accurate evaluations.”

“Through this partnership, we look forward to playing a role in driving green data center innovations applicable in Singapore and globally.”

Reaffirming Equinix’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the environment, the company has received numerous sustainability awards across the Asia Pacific region.

In 2022, Equinix was named Asia’s Green Company of the Year at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards, was named Singapore Data Center Services Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, and won the Green Innovation Award in the MNC category at the 2022 Singapore Environmental Did. achievement award.

Highlights/Key Facts:

  • Under this partnership, Equinix and NUS CERT will conduct a comprehensive analysis comparing two clean, on-site power generation technologies for future data centers. These technologies include:
    • PEM fuel cells are becoming increasingly popular because they can generate power with hydrogen and oxygen. Some designs can also run the process in reverse to produce pure hydrogen for future use with just water and electricity.
    • Fuel-flexible linear generators offer the ability to switch between fuels such as hydrogen, biogas, and a variety of renewable liquid fuels, enabling the installation of infrastructure that can easily adapt to evolving market developments, providing organizations with: Gives enhanced agility.
  • Equinix was the first in the data center industry to commit to becoming climate neutral in line with approved science-based targets to reduce emissions across our global operations and supply chain by 2030. On-site generation from fuel cells and other decentralized low-carbon technologies that fit the overall strategy.
  • Equinix’s renewable energy coverage has exceeded 90% since 2018. In 2021, the company has achieved his 95% renewable energy coverage. Year-over-year, Equinix increased its renewable energy procurement by 16% on his GWh basis.
  • Earlier this year, Equinix announced the opening of its first Co-Innovation Facility (CIF) at the DC15 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center at the Equinix Ashburn campus in the Washington, DC area. CIF is a component of the Future Data Center Initiative, a new capability that enables innovative partners to work with Equinix to test and develop methods they can use to define the future of digital infrastructure and services. .

About Equinix

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) is the global digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders rely on Equinix’s trusted platform to integrate and interconnect underlying infrastructure at software speed.

Equinix gives organizations access to all the right locations, partners and possibilities while supporting their sustainability goals.

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Equinix and NUS Center for Energy Research & Technology Partner to Advance Hydrogen Technology for Data Centers, Singapore, Redwood City, CA 20 September 2022


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