Another referee nightmare! The EFL admitted that Hawkeye’s goal-line technique failed to “track the ball in the goal area”, denying him an equalizer in Huddersfield’s loss to Blackpool.

  • EFL confirms there was a goal line technical failure over the weekend
  • Blackpool beat Huddersfield Town 1-0 in the Championship
  • Terriers thought they had equalized but were deemed not to have entered
  • Yuta Nakayama’s shot crossed the line, but the GLT was unable to detect it at that point.

The English Football League are “incredibly frustrated” by the failure of goal line technology during the Skybet Championship match between Huddersfield and Blackpool on Sunday.

The Terriers were denied an equalizer when Yuta Nakayama’s shot crossed the line, which the GLT failed to detect and neither did the field officials.

It follows a series of controversial incidents in Saturday’s Premier League match where goals for West Ham and Newcastle were ruled out due to VAR intervention.

Huddersfield denied equalizer due to goal line technique and officials failing to detect it

Yuta Nakayama's shot crosses the line, but it doesn't mean Blackpool win 1-0

Yuta Nakayama’s shot crosses the line, but it doesn’t mean Blackpool win 1-0

The EFL issued the following statement Monday morning:

“Hawkeye, the provider of the championship’s goal line technology services, has received an initial assessment that match officials did not receive signals on their watches or earphones in the late incident of the Huddersfield attack. A factor caused the ball to go untracked after it entered Blackpool’s goal area.

“Apart from this, PGMOL confirmed that obstruction by a player prevented the referee from seeing and therefore a goal could not be awarded.

Yuta Nakayama thought he had tied the score, but the shot was judged not to have crossed the line.

The system was tested and functioning prior to the start of the game, but further information is expected from both Hawk-Eye and PGMOL following a full review of the incident.

“Technology exists to support the decision-making process of match officials at the championship, and failing in such a manner on Sunday is of great concern.

“For clarity, the referee’s decision is final and the match result stands.”

Huddersfield players, including Sorva Thomas (pictured, left), protested the referee

Huddersfield players, including Sorva Thomas (pictured, left), protested the referee

Goal line technology has generally been considered a huge success since its introduction at the beginning of the last decade. 2019-20 season.

The technology failed to detect that Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland caught the ball and crossed the line on 17 June 2020 against Sheffield United.

Hawk-Eye said at the time that in the more than 9,000 games the system was in operation, it did not see levels of interference that caused technical failures.

Meanwhile, the Premier League and Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) are investigating a controversial VAR incident in the top flight over the weekend.

The Premier League and Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) are investigating the controversial VAR incident over the weekend.

The Premier League and Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) are investigating the controversial VAR incident over the weekend.

The Pro Game Match Officials Board took the rare step of acknowledging a specific controversy involving West Ham and Newcastle in a statement on Sunday, accepting the Premier League’s request for further investigation.

VAR’s decisions in all affected matches have already been reviewed by five strong independent panels made up of representatives from the Premier League and PGMOL, as well as three former players, and the results will be passed on to the clubs involved. is sent to

Maxwell Cornette scored a late equalizer for West Ham against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, but after VAR, Jared Gillette told referee Andrew Madrid that Hammers forward Jarrod Bowen had been replaced by Blues goalkeeper Eduardo. Advised Mendy to reconsider what he called a foul.

Newcastle disallowed Tyrick Mitchell’s own goal during a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace after VAR Lee Mason advised referee Michael Salisbury to confirm a clash between Magpies’ Joe Willock and Eagles goalkeeper Vicente Guaita. .

Replays appeared to suggest that the collision was caused by Mitchell pushing Willock forward when jumping for a header.

Huddersfield boss Danny Scofield was furious after the apparent failure of the goal-making system cost his side an important equalizer.

Huddersfield boss Danny Schofield was furious at the apparent failure of the technology.

Schofield said, “I’ve seen it many times in stills and from different angles, but I feel like it’s a goal that was never given, so it’s hard to score.”

“He pointed to his watch and said we were out of goal line technology. It’s very hard to blame the referee — it’s down to technology and I feel the system has failed us.

“It wasn’t the best start to the season in terms of points on the board. It was a big moment to score more points, so I’m frustrated and disappointed.”


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