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Since the first event, Digital Procurement World has been described as “the best new procurement event in years”. The statement “not only connects procurement organizations and technology (and services) companies to the digital conversation, but also engages the startup community and investors, … and them with buyers, consultants, and more.”

The Digital Procurement Word (DPW) is the third iteration since 2019 (thanks to Covid), driven by the desire to introduce ground-breaking solutions to the market and introduce new concepts to the digital technology landscape. We are passionate about our field and continue to innovate. Discuss live topics and host an unprecedented line-up of expert speakers. The recipe, which founder and CEO Jason Bush once called a “huge success,” will take place September 21 and he’s September 22 in Amsterdam, Holland. – Accumulated knowledge of the task of identifying, comparing and selecting procurement technologies suitable for organizational needs.

“What I love about DPW is that it is a technical community of so many people with so much in common.

Jason, along with his colleague Roberto Mastrigli, an operating partner of our partner and investor Copley Equity, said:Buying Better Tech: Lessons from Private Equity on How to Valuate Procurement Technology

The assumption is that many companies have the same regrets about their technology choices and purchases. They regret making assumptions about how the tool works. I regret not clarifying the feature and capability gaps before implementation. They regret not conducting proper due diligence.

Like Jason, Roberto has spent most of his career focused on due diligence, growth strategies and turnarounds for private equity (PE) portfolio companies. The two speakers’ backgrounds complement each other, with Roberto focusing on finance and operations and Jason on technology and strategy. Therefore, as an advisor and consultant, I am leveraging and sharing my lifelong experience of how private equity firms execute due diligence playbooks to make technology purchases faster and more informed. I am really excited to be able to build on the experience and bring more success. result.

“Throughout my career, I have seen time and time again the same mistakes that can be fixed if only the buyer can see the technology, just as investors buy and invest in companies. There are playbooks and checklists for, some of which are very exhaustive, and similar tools exist that can be applied to technology understanding, I’m not going to go into all the details of due diligence shares how important it is to go into decisions with your eyes wide open. No (although some certainly do), but it’s worthwhile to see how these issues can become opportunities if you recognize them as soon as possible. I am very excited to offer the session because I believe I have some really unique advice to share.”

Some of that advice is:

  • Get a good understanding of current business requirements
  • Explore where you want your investment to go with your stakeholders: What are your paths, hypotheses, investment themes?
  • Identify the importance of headwinds and tailwinds that determine success or failure, and more importantly…
  • Understand the optionality of the products you purchase

“That last point is important,” says Jason. Your answer will change how you approach buying. In my experience, many tech buyers don’t consider it. In today’s highly technological world, we expect our solutions to work. But are they as effective and selective as we want and need?

“So we create a mental model and a framework for how we think about evaluating the company’s technology investments. And the great thing is that everything is data-driven. and everyone will be able to access the same “Good Sources” page.

“Historically, I don’t think we’ve applied this to technology purchases, mostly because the unknown outweighs the known. I believe that if we do, we will be able to know these unknowns.”

This is shaping up to be a very informative session and you can join us for Day 2 of DPW on Wednesday the 21st at 14:35.st September.

In a further session on Wednesday, Jason will host a panel discussion on:

  • How to use CLM “Uber for Contract Management” Accenture CPO Kai Nowosel and Roman Howe, VP of Customer Advocacy at CLM Experts Icertis, use CLM to drive enterprise-wide value and increase business impact Discuss how you can drive value across your organization if you From seamlessly managing 360-degree relationships to driving joint innovation between stakeholders and suppliers, we unleash their full potential.
  • How to survive the chaos Become a master of resilience with David Simchi-Levi, Business and Supply Chain Analytics at MIT and Pierre-Francois Kaltenbach, Supply Chain and Operations Europe Lead at Accenture. Here, Jason delves deeper into one of his passions, supply, his chain, his risk, how to proactively build resilience in key areas, and uncover hidden risks through visibility and simulation. Ask the world’s experts how to

I am very much looking forward to attending and speaking at DPW again, as Jason said:


“DPW is a young organization and it works to our advantage. We created the 2022 conference. It gives those who have had the opportunity to learn from young entrepreneurs who have come up with revolutionary ideas that they have never considered before. It’s been a real honor to be able to talk to companies to understand what’s working for them and the ecosystem, and to advise our customers and investors on how to get the most out of the systems that are deployed. , I think it will be very important to attend events like DPW.

Visit Digital Procurement World to join this tech hotspot of information and innovation.

To learn more about the innovators demonstrating at DPW, check out our previous article here.


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