New Delhi: CSIR will soon unveil technology that will allow consumers to check the freshness of milk without opening the bag.

The technology, tentatively called “Time-Temperature-Based Spoilage Indicator Test”, costs 20-25 paisa per packet. CSIR believes this will help implement large-scale technology.

Speaking at the ongoing IDF World Dairy Summit 2022, CSIR-CFTRI chief scientist and food packaging technology officer Rajeshwar S. Matche said the general public faces this fundamental problem of buying milk cartons. but said they could not determine if the milk was spoiled. the outlet itself.

An important issue also for the organized dairy industry, CSIR’s CFTRI division started to address this specific issue based on the feedback from the market, and so far, it has produced an easy-to-use product on milk, meat, idli & dosa butter. We have tested this technology-based label.

The team works closely with Nandini Dairy to run experiments with a near 100% success rate.

“We are sensitive to both the problems of the Indian people and the affordability of their solutions. We were convinced from the beginning,” said Sridevi Annapurna Singh, director of the CSIR Central Food Technology Research Institute in Mysuru. .

Manually labeling milk and other foodstuffs is time consuming, so CSIR is working with technology companies to automate the process.

Once the automation takes off, CSIR will be able to launch the technology in India and abroad.

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