Check out the $1.3 million mark, the final installment of a $5 million pledge for the Peter B. Moore Center for Advanced Technology at Barry Campus

joint news release
University of Georgia/Simcoe County

Deputy Director Lynn Dorin and Simcoe County representatives stopped by Georgian College to ask Kevin Weaver, president and CEO of Georgian College, to join Peter B. Moore in 2018 to help develop advanced technology. Offered the fifth and final installment of a $5 million commitment made. Center of the Barry Campus.

“This $5 million commitment made by the County Council is a significant investment in supporting the next generation of leaders,” said Warden George Cornell. “Today’s students and future students will continue to benefit from this enhanced learning environment, get to know our region and will want to call it ‘home’ in the future. The County Council is extremely proud to offer students learning opportunities aligned with the local industry and labor market at world-class post-secondary institutions like Georgian College that are available throughout the region. ”

When the building opened in 2019, it was hailed as a game changer for the area. The $30 million, 56,000 square foot facility is a multifaceted learning and research facility.

“I would like to thank Simcoe County for their investment in supporting quality post-secondary education, especially the Peter B. Moore Center for Advanced Technology,” Weaver said. “This is an essential academic, innovation and research facility for our region, connecting students with industry partners, developing a future-ready workforce, allowing local businesses to test concepts, develop prototypes, and develop new We help you take advantage of technology, automation and machine learning.”

The center is equipped with research and collaboration spaces that provide access to a range of advanced technologies in robotics, mechatronics, manufacturing and assembly, and houses the region’s only anechoic chamber. The center also houses a living lab, where principles of sustainable building construction and energy efficiency are incorporated throughout the building, providing learning opportunities for students in engineering and environmental technology programs.

Since 2008, Simcoe County has invested over $9 million in Georgian. This includes his previous $2 million to the John Deporte South Georgian Bay Campus and his $2 million to the Sudron Center for Health, Wellness and Science.



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