Auburn Hills, Michigan–(business wire) — Technology company Continental has won the 2022 Automotive News PACE Award for its MK C2 brake-by-wire system. Additionally, the BMW Group and Continental were awarded the Innovation Partnership Award for the development of the CoSmA ultra-wideband digital vehicle access technology. The award was announced at his September 19th annual awards ceremony at the Fisher Music Center in Detroit.

“Our team thrives on innovation and that commitment is a testament to our belief that the MK C2 will have a positive impact on drivers. We are proud to be recognized among our peers.As you can see, the competition to revolutionize this space is fierce.Recognition like this will do more to shape the future of mobility. inspire us to do

The winning technology of the night, the MK C2, is Continental’s second generation brake-by-wire system. Based on a successful joint development with the BMW Group, the MK C2 went into series production for German premium manufacturer BMW Group in July 2022. The MK C2 is used in all BMW Group vehicle segments, regardless of powertrain technology.

The MK C2 braking system contributes to the overall vehicle performance by increasing vehicle efficiency, safety and scalability. This system integrates the master cylinder (MC), brake booster and control system (ABS and ESC) in one compact and lightweight module. In terms of driver benefits, the system builds up autonomous brake pressure much more quickly than conventional hydraulic systems, resulting in a quicker response when braking.

“The MK C2 enables a new future for braking,” said Kuehnke. “It can be integrated into any type of powertrain architecture and its high efficiency allows you to extend your range while reducing CO2 emissions. The MK C2 is scalable to support SAE Level 3 and above. The features and benefits it offers take brake-by-wire systems to the next level.”

In 2017, Continental won the PACE Award for the first iteration of its brake-by-wire solution, the integrated braking system MK C1. The MK C2 he will be in production from July 2022.

Continental and BMW Group Win PACE Innovation Partnership Award

In addition to the MK C2 Automotive News PACE Award, Continental and the BMW Group were awarded the PACE Innovation Partnership Award for their collaboration on the CoSmA digital access solution technology.

“We are honored to be recognized by PACE for our seamless teamwork with the BMW Group.” “Future of mobility will depend on technology, and our strong partnership with the BMW Group will enable drivers to become more informed when it comes to personal mobility. It’s convenient.”

CoSmA smart device-based access allows drivers to use their smartphone’s digital key to access the vehicle and start the engine. Hands-Free Access is the first ultra-wideband-based solution available on the market today and sets the standard for vehicle access technology.

The technology was developed as a result of the Cross-Industry Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), bringing together automakers, smartphone manufacturers, and technology companies such as Continental and BMW Group to enhance communication and integration between smartphones and vehicles. We drive innovation. .

The 28th Annual PACE Awards car newsCompetition was open to suppliers providing products, processes, materials or services directly to car or truck manufacturing. The Automotive News PACE Awards are recognized worldwide as industry benchmarks for innovation.

Continental won the Automotive News PACE Award after an extensive review by an independent panel of judges, including a comprehensive written application and a virtual site visit.

Continental’s CoSmA digital vehicle access was also recognized as a finalist in the 2022 PACE Awards. For more information on the Automotive News PACE Awards, please visit www.autonews.com/pace. For more information on Continental’s award-winning technology, please visit www.continental.com.

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility for people and their goods. A technology company founded in 1871, the technology company provides safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machinery, traffic and transportation. In 2021, Continental will achieve a turnover of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190,000 people in 58 countries and markets. On October 8, 2021, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of our founding.


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