According to telecommunications and media company provider Amdocs software and services, consumers are ready to switch from plastic SIM cards to the next generation of eSIM technology and reap many benefits. eSIM Consumer Pulse 2022 Report.

A study commissioned by Amdocs and based on research conducted by market research firm Dynata found that 79% of consumers were either positively or positively in favor of an eSIM-only future for smartphones, compared to unprepared consumption. was found to be only 21%. .

The report surveyed 2,500 consumers aged 18 and over in three countries: Australia (500 respondents), the UK (1,000 respondents) and the US (1,000 respondents).

Meanwhile, consumers (53%) who want mobile network operators (MNOs) to integrate eSIMs into their services outnumber those who do not (15%) by nearly four to one.

That’s because 26% of consumers surveyed across Australia see this as the biggest benefit of eSIM technology, and are interested in the ability to switch providers and plans on the fly.

One in five (21%) considers the hassle-free alternative to buying a physical SIM card to be the most important advantage, and 14% have to plug in and unplug a plastic SIM card. We look forward to the possibility of a completely digital experience like no other.

Respondents found it attractive to avoid roaming charges when traveling internationally. So was the opportunity to access enhanced device features and the environmental benefits of moving away from his plastic SIM card.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs, said:

“We are witnessing accelerated adoption of eSIMs across the telecom industry, and as consumers and telecom service providers increasingly recognize the benefits and potential unlocked by this exciting new technology, We expect this trend to continue.”

“The eSIM is an opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs) to offer a truly digital and modern customer experience. Omdia estimates that as the smartphone market approaches 250 million units in 2022, , should take advantage of the opportunity to redesign the customer journey, introduce flexibility and provide immediate gratification to consumers with eSIMs, or buy, fulfill and manage online. The only digital service that we will not be able to do will remain connectivity.”

Amdocs will showcase its eSIM cloud solution at Digital Transformation World 2022, September 20-22 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This was first published in the subscription newsletter CommsWire on September 13, 2022.

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