Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has criticized the AFL’s goal review technology.

The goal umpire, who trailed Brisbane by three with two minutes remaining on Thursday, made a ‘soft’ goal call before Tom Lynch’s angled set shot was sent upstairs for judging. . Replays appeared to show Tiger’s snap sailing right over the post to get behind.

The Lions advanced opposite Gabba and Joe Duniher stole it with 64 seconds remaining.

Hardwick was furious with a call from the AFL Review Center, indicating that the replay was not conclusive enough to overturn the decision.

“I feel like the technology isn’t good enough and hasn’t been for a long time,” he said. “Obviously still indecisive.”

Even Lions coach Chris Fagan admitted he wasn’t sure which way the call would go.

Lynch slotted three in straights before missing two in the final quarter, but didn’t celebrate it as if he had kicked it, but Hardwick downplayed it as a factor.

“The bottom line is that the technology isn’t at the level it needs to be,” he said. “So either improve it or get rid of it.”

The triple premiership coach reiterated that he was not a fan of the ARC and felt that unless the system was perfect, the goal referee should be the sole arbiter.

“Why don’t we let the referee decide?” he said. “They get paid to do the work. Let them do it.”

Richmond threatened to blow the final open several times in a match that had 17 lead changes.

Hardwick was proud of the effort, but a turnover due to a “fundamental” error and a second hamstring injury to his gun midfielder Dion Prestia just before halftime. lamented.

Hardwick felt that Prestia’s loss had affected the balance of his team, pushing Dustin Martin further into midfield than they would have liked.

“or [defeat] It probably sums up our year,” he said. “We just made some wrong decisions…and our skills weren’t clean enough.”


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