Dubai, United Arab Emirates: According to a recent survey of executives and knowledge professionals commissioned by Cisco and conducted by Dimensional Research, more than half (56%) of employees spend most of their time in meetings when working remotely. , 33% say they spend half of their time in meetings. This causes his 95% of employees to experience video conferencing fatigue.

Overall fatigue is mostly due to technical issues and consists of background noise, poor sound quality, video quality, etc. These factors are positively associated with physical illness, with 81% of employees reporting headaches, neck and shoulder strain, and eye strain over time. In the long term, this will lead the employee to consider leaving his current employer, with 42% saying he plans to leave within two years, citing video conferencing habits.

Commenting on the findings of this report, Ahmad Zureiki, Head of Collaboration Business, Cisco MEA said: Flexible, mobile, hybrid. Today’s world business leader knows that his employees are his number one asset. That means finding ways to respond to an employee’s priorities and reimagine the workplace to improve her work remotely. ”

He added: We believe the best technology is also the most intuitive. That’s why our Webex platform uses new technology-enabled solutions to constantly improve and reduce fatigue and stress. ”

Cisco has addressed these pain points with the Webex platform, continuously innovating to limit video conferencing fatigue by introducing targeted solutions and software.

Cisco’s Webex platform now uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert people’s natural, non-verbal gestures into animated images that allow users to raise their hand or give a thumbs up without clicking a button. Allows you to perform simple actions such as Accessibility is also taken into consideration, with Webex featuring real-time closed captioning and translation capabilities in over 100 languages ​​to address hearing and language challenges in meetings.

The platform also integrates new options to improve the experience for all employees. This includes new polling and Q&A tools for anonymous feedback and questions, and Personal Insights, which provides an easy way for all employees to assess how they are spending their work hours. increase.

Cisco Webex reduces stressors commonly found during long meetings with devices like the Webex Desk, Webex Desk Mini, and Room Bar solutions with purpose-built software. This includes advanced noise-cancelling features that eliminate distracting noises from your environment, especially during calls in shared spaces or home offices. Cognitive Webex devices also offer dynamic framing. This allows you to stand up and stretch your legs while staying on screen. The cameras in these devices automatically detect remote participants and provide individual streams to enhance the view of the meeting room, ensuring everyone is evenly on the screen and ensuring that participants are all Be able to understand what participants are saying.


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