Guangzhou, China, September 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China Innovation Entrepreneurship Fair 2022 (CIEF 2022) with the theme of “Science and Technology Innovation for a Smart Future” Guangzhou upon September 2ndThis year’s CIEF is September 2-4.

CIEF 2022 is co-hosted by the China Science and Technology Association, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of the 93rd Association, and the People’s Government of China. Guangdong, Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, and jointly organized by Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Asia Digital Group. Held both online and offline, CIEF 2022 has set up over 20 exhibition areas on new generation information technology, biomedicine, health and more. Metaverse and immersive interactions for data sharing, information exchange, and accurate matchmaking.

About 9,000 projects from all over the world are participating in CIEF 2022. During CIEF 2022, more than 100 events such as innovation competitions and achievement auctions will be held offline to promote the commercialization and trading of scientific and technological achievements.

This year’s commercialization projects are worth at least 12 billion yuan

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that China should improve the transfer and commercialization mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, and pursue the path of integrating the innovation chain, industrial chain, talent chain, policy chain and capital chain.

CIEF is a branded event that showcases the achievements of extensive innovation and entrepreneurship strategies.As a leading service platform for the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, CIEF is the ” We are working on covering the last mile. Services for innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting the integration of innovation elements and promoting the integration of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes, financial support, intermediary services and users.

Since 2015, CIEF has exhibited over 16,000 innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, and over 23,000 projects have been released on the achievement trading platform.The value of the commercialized project is 60 billion yuan.

CIEF 2022 will focus on areas such as new generation IT, intelligent and new energy vehicles, biomedicine and health, AI and digital economy. We have launched a live streaming studio at the online exhibition hall. Special events such as product auctions, technology transfer, project roadshows, and forum summits will be held. Guangzhou and even China as a whole.

At CIEF 2022, over 2,700 exhibitors will participate in online exhibitions, and nearly 9,000 achievements will be involved in online exhibitions and matchmaking. The value of the annual commercialized output is 12 billion yuan.

Increased functionality of the online platform

This year’s CIEF has significantly upgraded its online platform to create a higher level “online” CIEF. The new platform highlights a new model of digital exhibition and a new experience. Build his 3D booth and live streaming studio exclusively for exhibitors through new technology usage scenarios, virtual metaverses and immersive interactions in online exhibition halls. It also performs functions such as online analysis of enterprise demand, intelligent matching, performance evaluation, signing contracts for intended cooperation, and service tracking.

CIEF’s online platform will be connected with the “Innovation China” platform. It provides services such as “expert pool”, “project pool” and “demand pool” to bring together innovative resources such as enterprises, talents, services and finance. As an ‘open year-round’ CIEF, CIEF conducts over 100 online and offline roadshows and matchmaking each year.

The increased functionality of the online platform will facilitate the integration of online and offline CIEFs. “Online” and offline capabilities will further complement each other, achievements will be targeted in more fields, more scientific and technical achievements will be commercialized, will generate profits in a market-oriented manner, Unleash your economic and social power. development.

Take full advantage of your unique advantages and implement Nansha plan

In June this year, the State Council Guangzhou Nansha master plan for deepening comprehensive cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong When macau from a global perspective (Hereinafter referred to as “”.Nansha planThis is another important decision and planning made by the central government regarding the construction of the Greater Bay Area from a holistic and strategic perspective. Nansha planelectronics, computer science, marine science, AI, smart cities and other fields will be actively involved in the transfer and commercialization of innovation achievements. Hong Kongand build a high foundation for the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements South China.

To facilitate the implementation of Nansha planCIEF leverages its unique advantages to accelerate Nansha’s construction of an industry cooperation platform for scientific and technological innovation, maintain its foothold in the Bay Area, Hong Kong When macau with a global vision Guangdong Build a strategic fulcrum for new development patterns.

CIEF 2022 will set up Nansha District Achievements Exhibition Area, an online platform of CIEF, to introduce Nansha District’s science and technology innovation policies, industrial policies and technological achievements, and promote the collection of national technological innovation resources in Nansha. increase. Facilitate the establishment of regular contact mechanisms for joint innovation with Hong Kong When macau.

Popular scientific products and technology exhibition area set up for the first time

In his speech at the National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation, the conference of scholars of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the 9th National Congress of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: To pursue innovative development, science popularization and science popularization are important, and scientific popularization and technological innovation should be given equal importance.

Without a general improvement in scientific literacy, it will be difficult to develop better innovation talent and rapidly commercialize scientific and technological achievements. CIEF 2022 set up a general scientific products and technology exhibition area for the first time to support the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.

Around 200 exhibitors showcase a wide range of general science projects in the exhibition area. “Close” contact with general scientific resources and knowledge helps stimulate public interest and enthusiasm for science and technology, enhance scientific quality and open up to scientific thinking.

CIEF 2022 is committed to the domestic commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, laying the groundwork for innovative development and exposing more people to science and technology in order to sustain the country’s innovation capacity. is also working on

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