AFL CEO Gil MacLachlan said subjective decisions and interpretations will always dominate the sport, regardless of technological advances such as goal reviews.

McLachlan said the new expensive broadcast rights deal will lead to more investment in technology for score review, overturning goal umpires to declare Richmond forward Tom Lynch’s snaps to be behinds, not goals. Asked if incidents like critical decisions could be avoided.There are limits and such calls were the nature of the sport.

“Can I have one [a camera] on the ground? ’” McLachlan joked.

Overview of the AFL Review Center at AFL House.

Overview of the AFL Review Center at AFL House. credit:Scott Barber

“I think technology always has its limits. I think the goal reviews have been great overall, but there is no sport in the world that doesn’t have specific instances where you have to make subjective decisions. It’s the nature of our game, the nature of our sport.

Tom Lynch overturned the goal in a review of the final elimination to the Lions.

Tom Lynch overturned the goal in a review of the final elimination to the Lions.credit:photo of AFL

“There are calls being made at every moment of the game.

“I think Score Review has been great all year, whether it’s that decision or Score Review’s take, but there’s always going to be a subjective decision to be made.”

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick says he overrules the goal umpire’s ‘soft call’ of the goal based on what he felt was an inconclusive camera angle for a ball deemed to have gone directly through the goalpost. I continued to feel unsatisfied with the decision.

“I thought there was precedent for going back to refereeing decisions when there wasn’t enough vision to assess the situation. That’s what surprised me at that stage,” Hardwick said. AFL 360.

“People talk about Tom’s reaction — Tom was blinded by the lights…doesn’t have enough vision to make the right decisions. [umpire] Make a decision below the post.

“It cost people jobs, it cost our club millions of dollars … if we were good enough we would have won anyway, but if the grand final had been defined in that moment Please try to imagine.”


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