Capsum is now able to grow its own organic ingredients for new cosmetic formulations.The French designer and manufacturer of microfluidic skin care formulas uses IT-driven technology to grow plants in a controlled environment. partnered with iFarm, a Finnish technology development company that specializes in iFarm has created a state-of-the-art agricultural laboratory within an existing R&D site at Capsum’s Marseille plant.

indoor cultivation

The pilot lab consists of three grow chambers with experimental racks based on Ebb-and-Flow hydroponics technology and an automated control system steered by iFarm’s Growtune software.

The setup will allow Kapsum to grow a variety of crops, including microgreens and flowers, conduct experiments, test new plant varieties, and grow pesticide-free cosmetic ingredients on-site to streamline its supply chain. .

Indoor cultivation is ideal for the beauty industry as it allows for cultivation in a fully controlled environment free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. I’m here.said Kapsam Anthony Brio CEO.

Research and industrial tools

Capsum’s is currently researching innovative extraction methods, and iFarm technology has everything it takes to complete the long and complex research process and produce the plants needed to develop innovative formulas. to the R&D team.

But iFarm’s vice president of sales, Timo Koryonen, outlined that the potential benefits of indoor farming for cosmetics companies extend beyond the laboratory setting.

iFarm allows clients to start with an R&D project and extend it to industrial production of herbs, flowers and microgreens, with full hardware and software support along the way. A crop that is stable and predictable year-round and guaranteed free of potential contamination from pesticides and other harmful chemicals is also beneficial for higher yields.” he emphasized.


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