Shenzhen, China, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, popular Australian vlogger Amy Chinese The most famous tea, Tieguanyin. Amy’s video was shot on site at his Bama Tea Co., Ltd. (known as “Bama” or “Bama Tea”) tea plantation and manufacturing plant in Anxi County. FujianIn this video, Bama Tea showcases how modern technology is revolutionizing a thousand-year-old tea-making tradition. The video has so far attracted tens of thousands of viewers trying to understand the Chinese tea industry and modern smart garden management methodologies.

Throughout the video, the latest technology is used at every stage of tea cultivation and production in Bama’s fields and factories to ensure consistent product quality and efficiency.

Bama Tea’s field manager walks Amy through some of the field and production automation, including high-end cameras that can monitor plantation conditions from a distance and weather stations that can measure rainfall. Sunlight, air quality, soil temperature and humidity. Amy also notices that there are small solar panels scattered around the field that charge energy during the day and emit blue light at night to keep pests away.

In addition to advanced field monitoring and pest control, automation is a major factor in tea processing. For the removal of impurities, the Bama tea factory is fully equipped with roller electrostatic impurity removal equipment and metal detectors, which help efficiently remove trace impurities in raw tea and produce higher quality products. We adopt automatic infrared quality sorting system.

A large number of intelligent robots are used in tea packaging and transportation to save manpower and time and reduce the contact between human hands and tea.

Regarding her use of technology, Amy said: China For more than 1000 years, not much has changed here and there. However, over the last few decades, new technologies and scientific advances have certainly changed the situation for the better. ”

Viewers in the comment section also revealed that they were amazed at the level of automation, with one commenting: “It’s eye-opening to see how high-tech it is and how informative it is. China Robots are often used in tea factories and production lines.”, “ China We have successfully applied technology to improve our lives. ”

Bama Tea is one of the most famous brands associated with Tieguanyin tea, founded by the legendary Wang Wenli, the 13th Tieguanyin tea heir. As a leading Chinese tea chain brand, Bama already has over 2,600 stores in China. China Current December 31, 2021Anxi Tieguanyin, one of Bama’s flagship products, has topped national sales for 13 consecutive years.

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