Three automotive technology and research industry companies have partnered to create videos about EVs to help consumers find the right vehicle for their needs.

According to inSearchX, a consulting and advisory services organization, their AskOtto quiz uses AI to scientifically recommend EV models that fit consumer needs and lifestyles. The consumer scores all EV models on their individual predicted ownership satisfaction by answering his five questions about preferences, vehicle attitudes and demographics.

Video technology company Intuitive Interaction creates a custom video based on the vehicle recommendations it generates, providing an in-depth review, analysis, and overview of each vehicle recommendation. From there, consumers can launch a “permanent search” on AskOtto to find recommended vehicles for sale nearby, the companies said. Consumers can connect directly with relevant merchants without sharing personal contact information.

Strategic Vision, an international consulting and advisory service, uses automotive consumer research and vehicle selection data to deliver content solutions based on consumer requirements and needs.


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