Kempower chargers will be installed by JET Charge along the WA Corridor.

Australia's longest EV highway featuring Kempower charging technology

Kempower and JET Charge Partner to Fuel WA’s EV Highway

Kempower’s fast DC chargers will be installed along Australia’s longest EV highway.

JET Charge, Australia’s largest EV charging infrastructure specialist, was selected as the charging hardware solution provider for the project. The project will stretch him over 5,300 kilometers across Western Australia.

The EV Highway is part of the Washington State Government’s A$21 million Electric Vehicle Fund and is enabling Western Australia’s Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

The Washington state government provides highways through energy utilities Synergy and Horizon Power. Extending from Kununurra in the north to Albany in the south to Eucla in the east, the project will install a range of EV chargers at locations and outbacks across Western Australia, including sites in metropolitan and rural areas.

Once the highway is complete, EV drivers will have access to 98 EV chargers distributed at 49 locations within 200 km.

JET Charge has ordered 42 Kempower C-Stations. This he combines a charging power supply unit and a charging satellite into one unit.

Depending on the site, these dual outlet chargers deliver 75 or 150 kW of power. JET Charge has selected Kempower C-Station for its EV highway project. This is because of its robust design, dynamic power management, high voltage and experience with practical driver interfaces. The Kempower C-Station’s modular design architecture allows for easy future expansion.

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“We partnered with JET Charge earlier this year to accelerate Australia’s transition to EVs by providing a fast, reliable and economical charging solution. We are delighted that our technology was chosen for such a large-scale project,” says Tommi Ristimaki.

“One of the longest single EV infrastructure projects of its kind in the world, the new Western Australian EV Highway will bring confidence to EV drivers that they will be able to find charging infrastructure when they need it. Allows you to explore the world’s most isolated highway.”

JET Charge CEO Tim Washington said:

“We are extremely proud to be involved in a groundbreaking EV charging network with many Australian-made innovations that will completely break down these barriers and enable people to drive EVs across our wonderful state of Western Australia. Let me drive.”

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