Researchers at Edith Cowan University (ECU) have awarded a $150,000 grant to work with leading artificial intelligence (AI) companies to design technology that teaches defense force robots to read hand gestures. Awarded.

This project aims to replace the remote control with augmented reality (AR) glasses to control the unmanned machine with hand gestures.

Led by ECU’s Dr Syed Zulqarnain Gilani, the team includes developers from robotics company Chironix, augmented reality provider Agili8, rugged tech maker Motium, cognitive scientists and cybersecurity experts from the University of Western Australia. includes persons.

Dr. Gilani said:

In particular, hand gestures are recognized by a front-facing camera installed within the AR glasses worn by the operator and transmitted to the robot over considerable distances.

interdisciplinary collaborators

The technology eye is being developed by Perth company Agili8, which uses revolutionary XRAI Vision glasses to transmit hand gestures from humans to robots over long distances.

Agile8 CTO Chris Markovic said:

Powering it is Perth-based Motium. Motium brings robust hardware expertise from the mining industry to the table.

Dieter von Mollendorff, Business Development Manager at Motium, said:

The developer claims the technology is a natural advancement in frontline soldier communications.

Dr Owen Carter, Chief Scientist at Chironix Robotics, said: “Australian soldiers have a long history of using hand gestures to communicate silently.

“The last thing the average miner wants to do is operate a robot remote control while being shot. he said.

In support of these statements, Dr Zachary Howard, a cognitive scientist at the University of Western Australia, said that the technology has significantly improved the quality of user experience when integrating robots into traditional human teams, and is currently They add that it may reduce the cognitive burden associated with control systems in humans. .


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