A new system in development for the Army could bring unmanned vehicles to the roads, albeit military rather than civilian vehicles.

of australian army started development with new self-driving technology Used for vehicles running in convoys.

The “leader-follower” concept allows a single driver to lead a convoy of many unmanned vehicles to reduce the number of personnel required to transport goods and reduce the number of people exposed to attack in conflict environments. means it can be reduced.

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has partnered with the Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation Institute (IISRI) at Deakin University in Melbourne on this project, hoping to create a ‘platform agnostic’ prototype. ADF fleet.

Initial testing of the system has already begun at Australian Air Force Base Point Cook, west of Melbourne, with MAN’s trucks remotely operating to test the effectiveness of vehicle control.

The project is currently focused on developing the autonomous systems required for driving on public roads.

ARRB says it aims to simulate a scenario in which vehicles drive in convoy from airports along major supply routes to deliver supplies to tactical field locations.

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