With the debate swirling over the efficacy and safety of UV-C technology, it is necessary to know which generation each individual product is. Infection Control Today® continues with ongoing special reports on UV-C technology.

The germicidal effect of ultraviolet light was first discovered in 1877, and the health care industry continues to debate the efficacy of ultraviolet-C light (UV-C) technology. And with some researchers publishing studies showing it to be safe and others not, the question becomes which companies’ technologies work and which don’t. Is the research you are doing your own research conducted by an independent research firm, or are you using competitor data? What generation of UV-C technology are your researchers using?

In the second of these exclusive two segments Infection control today® (ICT®) In an interview with Gunner Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide, he discusses where the industry is headed and how medical facilities, schools, There is an ongoing debate about what questions companies and others should ask. safety.

UV-C has proven effective against SARS-CoV-2, but some people are hesitant to consider UV-C technology. Lyslo counters, saying that second-generation technology (such as Surfaside) has shown the technology to be effective.

“This is a very important technology. [and] disinfection method. And if used in an evidence-based manner with proper usage indications, it will have a tremendous impact on the interests of all end-users and all individuals who enter those spaces. [This is true] whether it will be a hospital, which hospital still takes precedence over everything else [Surfacide]Because we’re not just dealing with an immunocompromised patient population, we’re dealing with environmental services teams, frontline health workers who have a lot of stress at work. ”

The first part of our interview with Lyslo is here.


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