Amber Technology announced the new AVer Video Soundbar VB342PRO. This, they say, brings virtual meetings to life through an artificial intelligence-powered experience.

A hybrid working model has become the new normal for most people. It benefits both the company and the employee. However, as the number of virtual meetings increases, video quality and audio can have a significant impact on communication and work quality.

According to the company, the VB342PRO is designed to enhance the meeting experience in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. A 4k pan-tilt-zoom camera and a 92-degree field-of-view optical lens with 15x zoom capability deliver lifelike video quality.

“As more virtual meetings and team meetings take place in hybrid working models, high-quality video and sound can make a big difference to communication, collaboration, quality of work, and presentation,” said Sarah Stuart.

There are some important features like AVer audio fence, auto framing, smart gallery, presentation tracking, beamforming technology, audio tracking and analog audio.

These features are said to block distractions, deliver uninterrupted presentations, reconfigure meeting views, and capture everyone in the picture. Artificial intelligence focuses and detects indoor speakers to support external hearing enhancement solutions.

“The new AVer Video Soundbar VB342PRO features analog audio connections to support external hearing augmentation solutions, delivering unprecedented sharpness and crisp detail for crystal-clear artificial-technical conferences.” It provides an experience,” said Stuart.

VB675PRO is Zoom certified and compatible with a variety of other solutions. Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Ring Central, Blue Jeans, Intel Unite, Fuze, Adobe Connect, Cyber ​​Link U Meeting, Cisco Web Ex, Go To Meeting, Live On, Microsoft Lync, True Conf, V- Cube, Vidyo, vMix, WebRTC, Wirecast, X-Split.

The company said it is focused on selling the best range of brands and products.

The company has a growing portfolio of over 100 diversified brands across all markets. They say their 30 years were built on a formula of delivering innovative technology to their clients, with a policy that allowed them to grow relentlessly in difficult economic times.

Amber Technology also states that it is constantly improving its environmental impact policy to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation by minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Amber Technology is one of Australia’s largest distributors of high tech equipment solutions. In addition to his new AVer innovations, he also develops pan-tilt-zoom devices, educational cameras, corporate and professional AV applications.


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