Training provided by NITDA, Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency 859 Empower young people in digital technology through Science & Engineering Mathematics, STEM, Kids Boot Camp, SB4Kids 2022.

The institution also encouraged young people to create indigenous coding languages, programs, and games that promote African culture and values.

The bootcamp is designed to provide young people in Nigeria with programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, STEM and through its subsidiary, the National Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (NCAIR).

Held in the states of Abuja, Kano and Lagos, the 10-day bootcamp provided children with a range of hands-on training in the areas of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and drone technology, and digital communication.

During the closing and awards ceremonies in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, Mr. Kashif Inuwa, Executive Director of NITDA, said seven out of the ten fastest growing and highest paying jobs in the world are in information technology. , said it is in the IT sector.

He explained that computers, including mobile phones, are stealing jobs through coding languages ​​that are narrowly classified as artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and superintelligence.

Mr. Inuha “We need more people who can code because it’s the future of work and it’s important to have an interest in coding and build a career. We see, we read, we believe There are very few elites in the world that can control things and that you are part of, and none of them can change things.

“This is a great opportunity to start coding early in life. You need to become extraordinary by having the initiative to solve problems. We want games with African characters, our We want to see games that uphold values ​​and culture, educational games, and much more.” Inuha said.

He advised them: You can also develop and play games and earn money.

The NITDA Boss states that while there are over 14 billion devices and computers in a world population of approximately 7.7 billion, making computers central to human life, only a small percentage are capable of coding. explained.

Inuwa encouraged the children to practice more.Using a computer has become a free act

Global Supplier of Human Resources

He emphasized that Nigeria is working to become a talented global supplier.

“We have an ambitious goal to make Nigeria a global supplier of human resources. Training of 1 million technology developers and human resource gab analysis to get the best information on the number of human resources in the country. We have launched several initiatives such as, followed by the formulation of the National Talent Strategic Plan to position Nigeria as a global talent supplier.

“We are currently training interns at NCAIR to come up with solutions to malaria, diabetes and other health-related problems. Some of them are applying drones to improve agriculture and safety. I am learning.” He said.

He added:This facilitates program implementation and aligns with the pillars of the Federal Government’s National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) and NITDA’s Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan for Emerging Technologies (SRAP 2021-2024). ”

NCAIR National Director Yau Garba praised parents for their children’s resilience to their passion for learning to code and their commitment to using the ward.

Yakubu believes that enthusiastic young people between the ages of 8 and 16 are coached and inspired to imbibe their passion for STEM, creating an early interest in digital technologies and helping them to develop their future in these fields. said it is expected to shape the career of

He added that participants can continue to learn through the NITDA Visual Center and NCAIR’s internship program and peruse their diverse interests in emerging technologies.

Some of the participants spoke with Nigerian voices. At first she was Aliyu Usman. He praised the knowledge NITDA gained and said he was inspired to be able to teach other children around him what he had learned.

Princess Teniola was also delighted to be able to participate in the programme. She says the training has given her a deeper understanding of computers through coding.

Bootcamp winners received laptops and demo kits, and 859 kids were trained.

There was also a demonstration tour of computer programs created by the participants.

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