Madison, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Online customers are more vulnerable than ever to shopping fraud as demand for technology in the classroom increases, says Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau (BBB). increase.

According to the BBB, the era of the learning pandemic has changed the educational landscape, highlighting the role of technology, especially in the classroom.

“Digital learning tools are replacing traditional school supplies, driving technology sales up 37% year-over-year,” said Deloitte market researchers.

According to the BBB, shortages in supplies of things like computer chips can leave online shoppers looking for cheap, reliable technology particularly vulnerable to fraud.

Shoppers can also be targeted with bogus deals, advertisements and attractive but deceptive websites, the BBB said.

BBB experts said those looking for cheap, quality classroom technology online should be vigilant and follow their advice.

  • Shop at familiar retailers: BBB says that if you are shopping online, important investments such as laptops, tablets and other accessories should be purchased from reputable businesses to ensure superior quality and service.
  • Beware of spoofed brands. The BBB said scammers may use names, logos or other characteristics of brands that people trust.
  • Approach low prices with caution. As always, large deals and short-term sales can be a sign of fraud, BBB said.
  • Get to know the brand: The BBB said some companies rarely offer sales. If the site offers a discount, the product may be used, refurbished, or fraudulent.
  • Know what you are shopping for: BBB says setting a budget, deciding what features you need, and comparing options while looking for a trusted seller usually leads to a trustworthy purchase.
  • Know the seller: BBB says shoppers should be careful who they buy from.
  • Buy early: The BBB says the best way to avoid supply shortages is to make technology purchases now. This can also help prevent higher pricing and fraud.


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