This is the age of the convenience economy. Everything is available at the tap of your finger. Turn the room lights on and off with the push of a button. You can open the drape by pressing another button. But what about that toaster that serves a morning breakfast staple?

Well, a certain company called Tineco is also indebted. The company’s new product, a $340 toaster that connects to his Wi-Fi at home, reportedly can be used remotely and, most importantly, to toast bread according to taste and preference. increase. It is expected to hit the market next month.

“No two slices have to be the same, which means you can adjust the toast for each slot independently. Importantly, this means you no longer have to worry about ‘who goes first. increase. Two people can cook the perfect toast at the same time,” the company’s product description says.

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Easily available for less than $50 and attractive to most consumers, Tineco has caught the attention of curious people and self-described technology “early adopters.” After all, when a product has a hefty price tag of $340, you expect it to do miracles.

But the truth is, the toaster with its patented technology doesn’t do much more than its traditional counterparts, aside from storing up to 10 toast settings.

It’s an eye-catching gimmick, but more than that, it’s not a practical product that can run continuously for 10+ years like most toasters can do without breaking a sweat.

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Adding unnecessary smart innovations only adds complexity to your product. After waking up, you don’t have to interact with the app to serve breakfast. But we may be leaning towards the pessimism of things, the Internet of Things to be precise.

I can’t wait to connect to Wi-Fi and have my plates arranged automatically according to my personal taste. It will probably be the pinnacle of modern technology.

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